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Perfect Your Golf Swing

Some items to constantly work on to perfect your golf swing take some time, hard work and proper practice. When a player does practice, is the player practicing correctly or incorrectly. This is key. Just like our brain, our muscles have memory. Muscle memory is crucial to a golf swing.

What muscle memory does is develop a pattern that more or less is (for a lack of better words) automatic. Many parts of our body are used in the golf swing and if we use those parts with a consistent manner it makes the execution of a perfect golf swing more natural.

For a novice golfer, developing muscle memory is easier to perfect the golf swing then golf hound who has taken upon themselves to improve their own swing. One major reason being, the golf hound, in most cases has developed a poor swing yet it has become comfortable to them.

When asked to change even the smallest aspect in a poor swing, the player now feels something awkward. The muscles are telling the player This is not how we have done this before. It would almost feel as though a stone was in the players shoe without an actual stone. When a novice player is starting, the movements the muscles are making are new not awkward, so their muscles are more compliant.

A good way to perfect your golf swing is to work on balance. There is a outstanding drill where the player at address places both feet together. Nothing different changes. The players grip, alignment and lie remain the same. Only difference is, instead of your feet shoulder width apart, they are now together.

The players knees should be flexed and not bent. At this point nothing to much should be uncomfortable however once you drag that club back low on the take away, the player will feel weight transfer from the center to the right foot. This is correct and the feel should be on the inside of the right foot not the outside.

Other things that should be noticed with this drill that will help perfect your golf swing would once that club is dragged back low, the player should now notice their shoulder and hips are now turned away from the ball. This too is correct.

Once the player has the club at the top, get used to the idea of envisioning the toe of the club pointed down to the ground with a good wrist cock at the top. The player (with feet still together) start your down swing and strike the ball. If the player has had an issue with Manila Gorilla type swings instead of a fluent and controlled swing. This drill will certainly help because if the player swings wildly, they will be off balance and will not be able to strike the ball.

This foot drill is excellent to help perfect your golf swing. It helps with balance and feel, tempo, rotation and ball striking. All these items crucial to a perfect golf swing.

In order to perfect your golf swing, a person must simply practice and do it a lot. The golf swing is a part of the game .It is practice that makes perfect

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Golf Swing Takeaway Drill

I drove into work this morning and the weather was almost surreal. Zipping around (I’m late as usual) town has me encountering some very golf like phenomena. It was cool enough to have some ground fog and a slight haze. I felt like I was in some video clip from a golf vacation package. You know, the one where there is a lonely golfer out on the links early walking the fog covered course with some rays of sunshine growing with each hole.

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But, it’s only because I’m itching to get on the course. Here in the Great Lakes area, we’ve actually had some decent weather to start the month of March. One of the nice public courses in town just opened up and everyone is jumping to get on the golf course. They’re out there practicing everything from putting to their golf swing takeaway.

I get hooked on the Golf Channel after the holidays. The tour starts in Hawaii and works its way to the mainland with stops in California, Arizona and Florida. Those are all sunshine spots enticing lovers of the game to participate. Of course, the sad part of actually going on the golf course and playing is the fact that those flaws you didn’t have in the winter suddenly appear again when you play. Go figure. We all have some flaw to try and fix. For some, those flaws all start with the golf swing takeaway.

One of the drills I have tried to help with that aspect of my swing is with an iron. I actually use this drill warming up, as well. Pull an iron that you are comfortable with out of your bag. To practice the takeaway, try choking down on the club. I choke down enough to where the butt of the club is sticking in that beer gut of mine. What this does is basically help us coordinate the club, hands, arm, and body move in unison. This drill is not to take the club all the way back, just to get us started correctly. With the club in my spare tire and aimed directly at my spine I practice the golf swing takeaway as slowly as I can. I do that to help with grooving that swing and getting it locked into muscle memory. I don’t take it back any farther than where my hands start to hinge. I try and practice this at home as much as I can to a point where I feel I can start the takeaway by gripping the golf club normally.

Then, when I get to the course and I’m either waiting to get on the putting green or just waiting for my tee time, I do a few practice drills there, too. The golf swing takeaway is so essential to the rest of the swing, that it is good practice to work on it as much as possible to groove that golf swing. I hope to see you on the links. Hit ’em straight!

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The Golf Swing Setup

The golf swing setup is made out to be really complex by a lot of instructors. It’s not.

Get behind your ball with club in hand and pick out 2 spots.

The first spot is your target (where you want the ball to land). Make sure that if you look away (which you will), that you can find it again. Don’t pick something 2 miles away. Pick a realistic place for your ball to land.

The second spot is 3 to 6 inches in front of your golf ball. Make sure that the ball and spot draw a line to your target. Pick a leaf, or (heaven forbid) put a ball marker in the right place! Don’t worry about it, you’re trying to get better, and are using the marker as a tool to help you learn to aim better. The USGA Golf Swing Thought Police are busy with someone else, just do it. Try it in the fairway too!

Once you pick the targets, don’t think about them anymore. You are lined up, no worries. Move up to the ball and stand upright with your hips parallel to the established target line.

Hold the club in your left hand (lefties please read this with a mirror). Extend arm and club (semi-straight elbow) towards the ground at about a 45 degree angle. Tilt at the waist until the club touches the ground. The ball should be in the middle of the face of the club. If the ball is somewhere else, then MOVE YOUR WHOLE BODY away or towards the ball. If you change anything else you will lose alignment or balance.

What you are trying to do is establish a routine and a position from which you can, via a repeatable golf swing, make solid contact with the golf ball.

Beware the belly trap. You’ve seen the professionals, and the 18 year olds, with their arms almost vertical as they set up. Well, they don’t have a belly, and most of us do. The belly (and loose clothing) can impede and deflect the golf swing. Look at the senior tour. They keep their elbows away from the belly trap. This also allows you to wear something warm on a cold day without getting your elbow trapped by clothing. You could call this setup perfect for fat man golf!

The real reason for this positioning routine is that every club in your bag is a different length. So, we are giving your body and mind a concrete reference of where the ball is and how long the club is. Swing mechanics and body mechanics require some information, and that’s what you are providing through this routine.

Now, keeping your waist angle, bring your right hand to the club while bending your RIGHT knee slightly. Take your grip making sure your club head is perpendicular to the target line. Don’t change your grip orientation if the club head is not perpendicular, instead rotate the club head and reset your grip.

Now you’re ready for the Golf Back Swing.

Rory Goff
President: Fat Man Golf Club
Consistent and accurate!

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Golf Swing Development

Regardless of a person is really a specialized gamer or perhaps a beginner, the swing enhancement is usually necessary to deliver improvement hanging around. Swing improvement is often a help the game that will determines the particular direction with the game of golf, whether wrong or right. Efficiency within the swing movement thus remains crucial for every type of golfer.

There are many effective manners to boost your golf swing. One of the main photos hanging around is always to strike your ball on the remote length to achieve the green training course. This really is most critical because it may bring about study the some other golf photos. Once you learn how to play this chance efficiently, your current self-confidence pertaining to various other photographs will improve automatically. Your own golf swing depends upon the precise target conclusion where you would like the particular landing in the golf ball.

Your muscle tissue of the lower leg as well as arms in addition determines whether the swing is appropriate or perhaps completely wrong. He or she muscle groups should be tranquil to execute the correct swing wiht titleist ap2 irons. But, the best method so you can get your swing enhancement could be the practice. Practice with all the wonderful strength of more than 70 % propensity. Many individuals don’t realize that the jerking with the palms is the major inconvenience within bettering swing movement. Your jerking and also twirling involving palms has to be avoided in order to reach the actual ball straight off the 1st tee.

There are many specific muscle tissues with the golf swing that must be exercised. These types of muscle groups will be the rear muscle tissue, the particular abdominals and the oblique. There are several exercising programs available for you to physical exercise these muscle groups. You are able to seek advice from a physician or a few other professional in order to advise you the system that may be ideal for an individual.

Treating piece is yet another step up improving the swing. The bend of the ball that may be in the shape of bananas could be the slice of the golf ball. This particular curve needs to offer a cure by making use of a few efficient methods as well as strategies. Don’t attempt for you to apply lot energy when you are doing the swing movement. Attempt to swing action with greater than 70 %.

I’m a golf enthusiast, I’v been in this field for just 2 years, I like golf very much, so I have learn a lot of skills from others. I hope more people love this great game and improve their skills with golf clubs for sale and some little suggestions from my articles.

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Golf Swing Methods


The golf swing is very important for you to be able to excel in the game. There are several people who try to play the game, but they do not learn the basics right. The first and the foremost aspect of playing a game of golf is that you should learn all about the golf swing.

The concentration that you have when you hit the ball with the club is very important. If you use your mind with full concentration, then you will be able to use a lot more power. The precision will also increase with the amount of concentration that you have. There are some methods in which you will be able to increase the concentration too. Meditation and relaxation are methods that have been known to help people to increase their concentration of attention.

The posture and other body parts alignment are also important for you to be able to hit the golf ball with precision. If the body is not aligned in the right manner, it will not be possible to make the correct swing. Other than all these, one of the most important methods that will help you to have the best swing is the grip that you have on the golf club.

There are different kinds of golf grips that will help you to perform well when you hit the ball. You should use your hands in different methods of grips depending on whether you want a lot of grip on the club or if you want to hold it loosely. This will determine the power that you have when you hit the club with the golf swing. There are various kinds of the golf swing tips that will also help you to learn more about right kind of grip that you will have to have on the club.


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Golf Swing Tempo Vs Golf Swing Speed

Are you told by your golf buddies that you swing too fast?

Do you think Ernie Els’ is nice and slow and rhythmic?

The chances are that Ernie’s smooth swing is WAY faster than yours. It’s not the speed, but the tempo, that separate you from Ernie, because Golf Swing Speed and Golf Swing Tempo are fundamentally different. Quite often, the average golfer may seem to appear extremely fast, because they don’t have the correct tempo. They usually have a very deliberate take away and back swing, where they are trying to ‘Place’ the club head in the correct position. There may even be a deliberate pause at the top. This is then followed by a rush, down towards the ball, trying to gain the momentum that was lost during the previous phase. The chances are that all of the PGA tour players swing faster than you. What separates them, from us, is that they do it with a tempo that is fluid not disjointed. They also swing to an exact tempo ratio.

I’ve read many articles, allegedly about Golf Swing Tempo, that start to talk about components of the swing. Club plane, take away, ball position, alignment. These are fundamentals and separate parts of the swing. These are the individual parts that you learn, which when combined, give you a complete golf swing.

Golf swing tempo, is the glue that holds all of these constituent parts together. In fact, the more you practice, with the correct swing tempo, the more stable all of those separate, fundamental, components become.

So what is Swing Speed? Well it’s simply the amount of time you take to get from the start of your takeaway to the point of impact. But let’s say for simplicity sake, that for you, this takes 4 seconds. (And it better not! Otherwise you and I won’t be playing together anytime soon!) If you take 2 seconds getting to the top of your back swing and then 2 seconds getting the club head to the ball, you really are not going to generate any club head speed.

So what is Swing Tempo? Let’s take the same 4 second swing OK? This time you take 3 Seconds getting to the top, but 1 second on the way down, and what do you have? Well you have a very slow swing, but you have PERFECT Golf Swing Tempo…..Why?

Because all PRO’s swing at this exact tempo ratio. 3 To 1. So you can swing as fast as you like..Really! As long as you do it using the 3 to 1 ratio. Now all you have to do is achieve this tempo using one of the many training aids available. Most of which are audio cue devices. When you do what you will find (As I did), is that you will swing faster than you ever have, but with a tempo and a consistency, that is going to stay solid throughout your next round of golf. Also, when you use one of these aids, your mind tends to focus on waiting for an audio cue, which eliminates those mind games you tend to start playing when you are addressing the ball. You know, the ones that get you all tensed up and anxious, the ones that took away any chance you ever had of a good smooth tempo.

Your golf buddies will probably make comments like, “Wow, Your swing is so much smoother”. They won’t notice ‘Faster’.

Because as I said…Golf Swing Speed and Golf Swing Tempo are two different things.

Whether you share this secret with them…Is up to you!

Steve Snead lives in Youngstown, Ohio. He teaches golf in the area, to children of all ages.
Swing Tempo Training

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Special Golf Swing Tips

The Best Golf Swing Tips

Learn Golf Swing Techniques

When youre standing over a shot and about to pull the trigger, what goes through your head?

You can conger up a variety of things such as:

-Smooth takeaway (low and slow)
-Full turn back
-Clean contact
-Full Follow through
-Etc, etc., etc.!

After working with thousands of students and applying these techniques myself, let me walk you through a very successful way to manage the voices in your head so you can hit the best shots possible. Remember, the key to this technique is the way you approach it.

#1- Picture the shot you want to hit. Think of the result and work backwards from there. What shape? what trajectory? For example, lets say you had a 150 yards into the green. You might think I need to hit a high draw to avoid the water on the left and attack the pin in the back left side. I also need a relatively high ball flight because I have to carry a greenside bunker.

#2- Designate time for practice swing and thoughts. Before you hit the actual shot, when taking practice swing(s), this is the time for positional or technical thoughts such as where you arms or shoulders should be or what the shot should feel like to your body.

#3- Cardinal rule- no swing thoughts at all during your swing. I want you thinking of the target and nothing else. Let your body do what you just rehearsed and visualized. An easy way to implement this is to create a trigger. This trigger should tell you definitively when to stop thinking and start swinging. For example, my trigger is when I sole the club behind the ball. Once that clubhead touches the ground, my mind goes blank and I start the backswing.

Sound weird? Dont judge it til youve at least given it a shot. And Im talking about a shot when you are playing a real round, not on the range. Do it when youre under some pressure. See if it works for you.

Here is one more Golf Swing technique tip-

Using A Hybrid To Hit A Bump And Run

The bump and run is a great shot to have in your arsenal. It can save a ton of strokes over the course of a season. The bump and run is ideal when chipping to the green and you have a tight lie or you have firm ground under the ball. Its also a forgiving shot. Even if you flub it, you can still end up on the green. You can use almost any club to hit a bump and run. But more and more golfers are using the hybrid for this shot.

Here are five keys to hitting a bump and run with a hybrid:

* Set the ball back in your stance.
* Lean the shaft forward.
* Hinge your wrists.
* Pivot your chest.
* Make a descending blow.

The Best Golf Instruction Program

Certified Golf Instructor for over 15 years all across the USA. I focus on helping people improve their golf swings through simple golf swing techniques.

Golf Swing

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Golf Swing Tips

Golf Swing Tips – Learn Simple Golf Tips to Help you Hit the Ball Farther and Straighter

Learning how to swing a discount golf club and how to play golf well can be one the most challenging things anyone can learn. There are many golf swing tips that you can follow but it is important to follow simple approaches that you can apply to help you play better and to improve your golf swing. Often the simplest golf swing is also the most effective at hitting the ball farther and straighter.

Golf Swing Tip #1: The Grip

The grip is the foundation of your Callaway FT-9 Driver swing and developing the right grip is critical to your success in hitting the ball farther and straighter. There are many different grips out there that you can use. Here are few common grip types:

– The Interlocking Grip – With this grip the index finger of the left hand and the little finger of the right hand combine and interlock. It is commonly used by those that have thick hands, or shorter hands. This Mizuno MP 53 Irons ‘grip is usually the best option for most people and will allow you to create proper leverage for maximum power.



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Rod No. 4 5   6 7 8 9 PW  FW  SW  Inclination (degrees)   22   24     27     31   35   39     44     49   55   The ground angle (degrees) 60 60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 63.5 Shaft Length (inches) 38.25 37.75 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75 35.25 35.25 35.25

Shaft Specifications


stiff   Shaft weight


SR 96.5g middle R 94.5g middle


Mizuno JPX E600 irons specific configuration :4-9P, F, S (9 sticks)


As a large head and deep box-type structure, so that soft iron forged irons large sweet area as possible; by the end of the wide bar Central tungsten steel alloy weight design, implementation, low center of gravity of the further and larger inertia moment; inhibited when the shaking impact, bringing a strong trajectory, extending the flight distance.



Mizuno introduces it’s all new JPX band for 2009. The new JPX E600 Ti Face adamant is fabricated for the amateur searching for best achievement and forgiveness. Strong lofts accompanying with a top brand Titanium mix Ti-15V-3Cr-3S.

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