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1967 In The Pga Tour

The PGA tour was coming off an exciting year as they entered 1966. Jack Nicklaus showed the world that he would continue to be a dominant player in the sport as he managed to take home 2 more Major championships. It seemed that Nicklaus would only continue to dominate in ensuing years and most people expected him to step in and win multiple Majors in 1967.

There were a lot of other solid players that had something to say about that. The level of playing was steadily improving and it would take a whole lot for a player to remain at the top of the game with so many other players improving.

The first major of the year for 1967 was the Masters. Most people felt like this tournament was as good as owned by Nicklaus. He had set records there and had won the last 2 tournaments. Coming into the 1967 season only Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer had won the tournament for the previous 5 years. Palmer took it in 1962 and 1964 and Nicklaus won in the other years.

Gay Brewer was not about to step aside and let Nicklaus intimidate him. He managed to come through with some solid play in order to win the Masters. It looked like this year may present different challenges for Nicklaus than the years previous.

The next tournament to be played was the U.S Open. This tournament had hosted a different winner in each of the previous 7 years. Although a lot of the winners were guys with big names, such as Palmer, Casper, Nicklaus and player, there were also other players that managed to crack the lid and win the tournament. No player had the same dominant hold over this tournament like they did the Masters.

Nicklaus was determined that he would not be shut out from winning Major tournaments in 1967 and he came out with some strong play in the U.S Open. He would go on to win the tournament for the 2nd time in his career.

The next tournament to be played would be the Open Championship. In 1966 Nicklaus brought home the victory and he had hopes of taking the tournament for the second consecutive year. He had a lot of momentum going into this tournament after Winning the U.S Open.

Unfortunately Nicklaus didnt have what it took to win the tournament. Instead Roberto DeVicenzo managed to go home with a tournament victory under his belt.

The last major tournament of the year was the PGA Championship. This tournament was taken by Al Geiberger the previous season. This was another tournament that brought stiff competition as it seemed as though different players would win every year.

In the end Don January managed to take home the victory for the tournament. This would be the last major tournament of the year in a season that featured a lot of great players. It was clear to see that the level of competition was rising on the PGA Tour at that point.

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