1968 in the PGA Tour

In years leading up to 1968 the PGA Tour was dominated by a few players. These players would win several tournaments each year and seemed to come out on top during the majority of the major tournaments throughout the season. 1968 brought some change to the scene as some players that had never won these major tournaments, or players that had not won the tournaments for several years, were able to make great showing for themselves.


In previous years Jack Nicklaus was the dominating figure in golf. He managed to win at least one major in the three previous years and had one year where he won 2 majors. This year he continued to have some success in other tournaments, but he was not able to win a single major on the season.


With Nicklaus out of the running and Palmer past his days of winning major tournaments there was a chance for some other players to step up and win the tournaments. The first major tournament of the year was the Masters Tournament. Many people consider this tournament to be the biggest of all of the majors in golf. The previous year featured a winner by the name of Gay Brewer. Brewer had never won a major tournament before and was not able to pull out another major tournament after. 1968 would feature the same story of a “one hit wonder.”


Bob Goalby was the player that would take in the Masters Tournament in 1968. Several years previous to this tournament he made solid runs at the US Open and the PGA Championship. He was only able to come out with 2nd place in each of these tournaments. This Masters Tournament victory would be one of 11 wins that he would win in his career on the PGA Tour.


The next major of the year would be the US Open. The US Open was won that year by Lee Trevino. Lee Trevino is a name that is familiar to many fans of golf, but it was a new name for winners of majors in 1968. That was his first of six majors that he would win over the course of his solid career.


The next major tournament that would be played was the Open Championship. The Open Championship would be won in that year by one of the bigger names of the golf world. Gary Player managed to take home the victory for the 5th major of his career. He had been a big name in the major tournaments previously, but he had not succeeded in winning a tournament in the two years previous to 1968. Player would go on to win 9 majors over the course of his career.


The last major of the year would be the PGA Championship. This tournament would always bring a lot of excitement as it was the last chance for the players to take home a major during the year. This year it went to Julius Boros. The victory would be the 3rd major victory of his career, but the first one since 1963.

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