1965 in the PGA Tour

In 1965 sports were certainly a different thing than they are today. We look back to those days and remember the stories of the legendary players that participated in sports in those times. On the PGA Tour we can hear about the play of legends such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player.


These three players were then known as “The Big Three.” They were the three most dominant and exciting players in men’s professional golf at the time. Although all three names were mentioned in that group, it was clear that one player was superior to the others that year.


Jack Nicklaus was something that the sport had never seen before. He participated in 28 tournaments and had remarkable results throughout the season. He would show his consistency by finishing in the top 5 in 19 of the events that he took part in. He would win five different tournaments and was the runner-up in 7 more tournaments. He would make the top ten in all but 5 of his tournaments on the season. Throughout the course of this impressive streak he did not miss a single cut.


With this sort of performance it was clear that Nicklaus would win the money title for the season. The second highest earner that season was Tony Lema, who was a large margin behind Nicklaus when the year was over.


One of the most famous events of that season was The Master’s. This tournament is well known as perhaps the most famous tournament on the PGA Tour. It is known as a “major” tournament in golf,


1965 featured an impressive finish by all of the “Big Three.” These three players managed to finish as the top three golfers in the tournament. Nicklaus would take home the green jacket and the other two would tie for second place.


Although there was a tie for second place, they were not very close to performing at the level that Nicklaus did that tournament. Nicklaus truly blew the competition out of the water as he finished 9 strokes ahead of any of his competition. His dominant performance would even inspire changes to the way the course was played for the tournament in future years.


After watching the performance of Nicklaus at The Master’s Bobby Jones had something to say about Nicklaus. Bobby Jones is a golf legend and is well respected by all golf fans. In response to the performance of Nicklaus Jones remarked that Nicklaus “plays a game with which I am not familiar.” This sort of statement is a testimony to the remarkable talent that Nicklaus had. It also pays tribute to the amazing season that took place for Nicklaus.


Other notable events that occurred that season included a non-American winning the U.S. Open for the first time in more than four decades. Gary Player took that title. Sam Snead also made history in 1965, becoming the oldest player to ever win a PGA Tour event. His victory came at the PGA Greater Greensboro Open.

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